Ozzy Osbourne's Infamous Pigeon Incident
Ozzy Osbourne's Infamous Pigeon Incident

In 1981, Ozzy Osbourne’s shocking act of biting off the head of dove at a record label meeting marked a controversial yet pivotal moment in his solo career, setting the stage for both his notorious reputation and unprecedented fame.

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From road stories to wild nights and metal legends, these are the stories every metalhead whispers about.

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Darkthrone's “Unholy Trinity” Albums

Beginning as a death metal band in 1986, Darkthrone underwent a radical transformation with their “Unholy Trinity” albums. These records not only marked a departure from their origins but also played a pivotal role in defining the ethos and sound of Norwegian black metal.

The Early Days of Judas Priest: Formation and Tragedy

Formed in 1969 amidst the gritty backdrop of Birmingham, England, Judas Priest’s early days were marred by tragedy and lineup changes, leading up to the significant moment in 1973 when vocalist Rob Halford joined. This shift not only marked a new beginning for the band but also set the stage for their ascent as heavy metal icons.

Heavy Metal, Heavy Earnings: The Financial Story of Metallica

With an estimated net worth reaching up to $1 billion as of 2023, Metallica’s financial journey mirrors their rise in the music world. From selling over 150 million albums to their philanthropic ventures, the band has not only shaped heavy metal but also mastered the art of financial success.

AC/DC's Thunder in Iran's Nuclear Halls

When Iran’s nuclear facilities were hit by the Stuxnet worm, the situation took a surreal turn as AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” filled the air. This cyberattack wasn’t just about technical prowess; it included a psychological element that changed the landscape of cyber warfare.

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