Helvete: Norway's Pioneering Black Metal Hub

Helvete, once a controversial hub in Norway’s black metal scene, has evolved into Neseblod Records, a sanctuary that encapsulates a rich history, echoing a journey from fringe status to a nuanced position in the global cultural landscape.

The Dark Symphony: Pelle “Dead” Ohlin's Dance with Death

The black metal scene has seen its share of controversies, but none quite as haunting as the death of Pelle “Dead” Ohlin. The Mayhem frontman’s life was a symphony of the macabre, culminating in a tragic finale that still echoes in the world of metal.

Satyricon, a band that defied conventions and carved a path of evolution in the genre. From their fierce origins to their innovative discography, Satyricon’s unyielding spirit has left an indelible mark on the black metal landscape.