Rammstein: Zeit (2022) album artwork

Rammstein’s album “Zeit,” released on April 29, 2022, by Universal Music, delves into themes of time and mortality. The song “Lügen” uses autotune, and Bryan Adams photographed the cover at Berlin’s Trudelturm.

Rammstein: 7th Album (Untitled) album artwork

Rammstein’s untitled 7th album, released on May 17, 2019, by Universal Music, features 11 tracks blending industrial metal with electronic elements, produced by the band and Olsen Involtini​.

Rammstein: Liebe ist für alle da (2009) album artwork

Liebe ist für alle da, Rammstein’s sixth studio album, was released on October 16, 2009, by Universal Music. It blends industrial metal with provocative themes, featuring tracks like “Ich tu dir weh” and “Pussy,” and faced significant censorship.

Rammstein: Rosenrot (2005) album artwork

Rosenrot, Rammstein’s fifth studio album, was released on October 28, 2005, by Universal Music. The album blends industrial metal with experimental elements and explores themes of love, desire, and societal critique.

Rammstein: Reise, Reise (2004) album artwork

“Reise, Reise,” Rammstein’s 2004 industrial metal album, features heavy riffs and provocative themes. Produced by Jacob Hellner and recorded at El Cortijo Studio in Spain, it includes notable tracks like “Mein Teil” and “Amerika”​.

Rammstein: Mutter (2001) album cover

Released on April 2, 2001, Rammstein’s Mutter blends industrial metal with symphonic elements, featuring hits like “Sonne” and “Ich Will.” It topped charts in Germany and Austria, showcasing the band’s evolving sound​.

Rammstein: Sehnsucht (1997) album cover

Rammstein’s 1997 album Sehnsucht is a defining work of Neue Deutsche Härte (NDH), featuring German lyrics exploring themes of longing, desire, and aggression. A commercial success, it propelled the band to international fame.

Rammstein: Herzeleid (1995) album cover

Rammstein’s 1995 debut album, “Herzeleid” (Motor Music), is a landmark of Neue Deutsche Härte, blending industrial metal, heavy metal, and punk. Its dark themes and aggressive sound, driven by Lindemann’s vocals and heavy instrumentation, launched their successful career.