90s Metal

The ’90s: a decade that saw metal splinter into sub-genres, each more daring than the last. It was a time of musical innovation and cultural shifts, where bands pushed boundaries and fans debated the limits of taste. From the rise of Norwegian black metal to the controversies that shook the scene, explore the stories that continue to fuel debates and inspire new generations.

Metallica's “Load” Cover: When Art Gets a Bit Too Fluid

Metallica’s 1996 album “Load” presented a fusion of art and metal, showcasing a cover that sparked as much intrigue as their music. The album’s artwork, a mix of blood and bodily fluids, became a defining moment in the band’s visual legacy.

The Dark Symphony: Pelle “Dead” Ohlin's Dance with Death

The black metal scene has seen its share of controversies, but none quite as haunting as the death of Pelle “Dead” Ohlin. The Mayhem frontman’s life was a symphony of the macabre, culminating in a tragic finale that still echoes in the world of metal.

Inhale/Exhale: The Album that Breathed Life into Grindcore

From its inception to its tragic end, Nasum left an indelible imprint on the grindcore scene. Their debut album, ‘Inhale/Exhale’, stands as a critical early statement from the band, kick-starting a powerhouse career of worldwide grind dominance.