90s Metal

The ’90s: a decade that saw metal splinter into sub-genres, each more daring than the last. It was a time of musical innovation and cultural shifts, where bands pushed boundaries and fans debated the limits of taste. From the rise of Norwegian black metal to the controversies that shook the scene, explore the stories that continue to fuel debates and inspire new generations.

When Metallica Cut Their Hair

In the mid-90s, Metallica stunned their fans worldwide by cutting off their iconic long hair, signaling a significant shift not just in their look but also in their musical direction.

The Story Behind Metallica's “Snake Pit”

Metallica’s iconic “Snake Pit” gives fans an unparalleled concert experience. But did you know this coveted spot was inspired by a restaurant manager’s philosophy of bringing diners closer to the action?

Helvete: Norway's Pioneering Black Metal Hub

Helvete, once a controversial hub in Norway’s black metal scene, has evolved into Neseblod Records, a sanctuary that encapsulates a rich history, echoing a journey from fringe status to a nuanced position in the global cultural landscape.

A Brutal Masterpiece: Delving into “Tomb of the Mutilated”

With the release of “Tomb of the Mutilated”, Cannibal Corpse ventured into realms of brutality and explicit content that few had explored before. The album, notorious for its savage lyrical narratives and graphic cover art, sparked heated debates and faced bans in various countries, becoming a symbol of extreme metal’s contentious yet captivating nature.