80s Metal

The ’80s: a decade where metal morphed from a raucous child into a rebellious teen. It was an era that defied norms, broke barriers, and gave birth to legends. From chaotic concerts to groundbreaking albums, explore the stories that shaped the genre and still echo in the ears of fans today.

Rob Halford's Leather Legacy

Rob Halford brought leather and studs to heavy metal. His look transcended the stage, influencing fans and bands alike.

The “Filthy Fifteen” and the Birth of “Parental Advisory” Stickers

In 1985, the music landscape witnessed a significant shift with the formation of the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC), spearheading a campaign against explicit content in music. This period marks the genesis of the controversial “Filthy Fifteen” list and the subsequent establishment of “Parental Advisory” labels.