Machine Head: Supercharger (2001) album artwork

Supercharger, released on October 2, 2001, by Roadrunner Records, is Machine Head’s nu-metal album featuring rap-style vocals and turntable scratching.

Rammstein: Mutter (2001) album cover

Released on April 2, 2001, Rammstein’s Mutter blends industrial metal with symphonic elements, featuring hits like “Sonne” and “Ich Will.” It topped charts in Germany and Austria, showcasing the band’s evolving sound​.

Deicide: In Torment in Hell (2001) album cover

“In Torment in Hell” is Deicide’s 2001 studio album, released by Roadrunner Records. Known for its raw sound and anti-Christian lyrics, the album features the band’s classic lineup and continues their tradition of anti-Christian themes.