The Colorful Tale of Dave Mustaine’s Iconic Guitar

Dave Mustaine, Megadeth’s leading man, started with an unlikely guitar choice. A pink B.C. Rich Warlock. That odd pink guitar would echo through the annals of metal history.

Dave Mustaine with his B.C. Rich guitar (with James Hetfield behind)
Dave Mustaine with his B.C. Rich guitar (with James Hetfield behind)

The rise of a metal music icon starts with a guitar. A pink B.C. Rich Warlock, to be precise. A guitar color that could have raised eyebrows in any metal crowd was the first choice of Dave Mustaine, not by preference, but by necessity.

The Humble Beginnings

Mustaine’s early life in La Mesa, California, was far from rosy. Born on September 13, 1961, he came from a family of limited means, which shaped his initial journey into music​. His introduction to music began with Panic, his first band, where he played the role of lead guitarist​. Despite the band’s untimely end, Mustaine’s musical journey was far from over.

The Unruly Path to Metallica

In 1981, Mustaine joined Metallica, another step up the ladder towards his dreams. However, his tenure was short-lived. Mustaine’s personal issues, including problems with substance abuse, led to his ejection from the band in 1983​.

The Pink B.C. Rich Warlock

In the early days of struggle, Mustaine’s guitar choices were influenced by his financial situation. The only guitar he could afford was a pink B.C. Rich Warlock. Despite his initial disapproval of the color, he bought it. This guitar would later become an iconic symbol in the world of metal music.

The Evolution of Mustaine’s Guitars

Mustaine’s journey with guitars didn’t stop at the B.C. Rich Warlock. In the late 90s, he began using Jackson guitars, particularly the Y2KV model. This became one of his most significant guitars, making its debut on Megadeth’s 1999 studio album “Risk”​.

In 2007, Mustaine partnered with Dean Guitars to produce the VMNT Dave Mustaine Signature model, a guitar that would become his weapon of choice for every studio album and live performance since then​.

His evolution with guitars culminated in 2021 when he became a Gibson ambassador, launching his signature line of guitars, which included the V-style electric guitar, similar to the one on Gibson’s Explorer model​.

The Impact of Mustaine’s Guitar Choices

Mustaine’s guitar choices had a profound impact on his music and on the world of metal. His signature guitar sounds, ranging from heavy riffs to lightning-fast solos, have defined Megadeth’s music and influenced countless other musicians. Megadeth, led by Mustaine, has sold 38 million records worldwide and received twelve Grammy nominations​.

The journey of Dave Mustaine shows how even a pink B.C. Rich Warlock, bought out of financial necessity, can become a symbol of metal music when played by a true legend.