Nergal’s Unexpected Stint on “The Voice of Poland”: A Dive into the Mainstream

From the dark depths of the underground metal scene to the glitzy stages of mainstream television, Nergal, the frontman of Behemoth, took a leap that left many scratching their heads.

A Performer at Heart

Adam Darski, better known by his stage name, Nergal, is no stranger to the limelight. As the frontman of the renowned band Behemoth, he’s used to roaring crowds and mosh pits. But trading his metal cave for the glossy sets of “The Voice of Poland”? Now that’s a plot twist no one saw coming!

In a candid chat with Metal Hammer, Nergal opened up about his unexpected decision. “I call the underground metal scene my ‘cave’ – I feel safe here”, he mused. But, as he rightly pointed out, “There’s nothing wrong with going to different places in life, to explore them for fun or joy, or just to get some wisdom about other human beings or even yourself.”

“I wasn’t pretending to be someone else – I’m just being myself.”

“That’s why I did ‘The Voice of Poland.’ I wanted to step out of my cave into the mainstream world, and deal with the people there as an equal and not an underdog”, Nergal explained. And for those wondering if he had an identity crisis during this transition, he clarified, “I wasn’t pretending to be someone else – I’m just being myself.”

From Metal to Mainstream

His stint on the show wasn’t without its fair share of controversies. Given Nergal’s controversial image and the stark contrast between his musical roots and the mainstream nature of the show, reactions were mixed. Some hailed his bold move, while others raised eyebrows.

Adding to the intrigue were the legal challenges Nergal faced in Poland, particularly accusations of blasphemy. His participation in “The Voice of Poland” only intensified discussions around his public image.

While “The Voice of Poland” was a significant chapter, Nergal’s story doesn’t end there. He’s been associated with brands like “Demon Energy” and has even ventured into the business world. From opening a barbershop to launching a bar in Poland, Nergal seems to be on a quest to explore every avenue, leaving no stone unturned.