Tired of the mainstream charade? Dive headfirst into the bands that have been tearing the metal scene apart, limb from limb.

1968: The Year Black Sabbath Transformed Rock

In the bustling industrial city of Birmingham, England, a musical revolution quietly began in 1968. Four young men, Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, and Bill Ward, crossed paths, unknowingly about to make history.

Why Lamb of God Changed Their Name

When we talk about the band Lamb of God, it’s easy to picture their heavy riffs and intense stage presence. But there’s an interesting backstory to this band that many might not know. Once upon a time, Lamb of God went by a different name – Burn the Priest.

Art School Romance and Formation of White Zombie

In the electric haze of New York City’s 1980s music scene, a unique fusion was taking shape within the walls of the Parsons School of Design. Here, Rob Zombie and Sean Yseult, two art students intertwined in romance and creativity, birthed White Zombie, a band that would redefine the contours of metal music.

Death Logo Through the Years transformation

From inverted crosses to streamlined designs: Trace the evolution of Death’s logo alongside the band’s shifting musical style and Chuck Schuldiner’s uncompromising artistic vision.

The Early Days of Judas Priest: Formation and Tragedy

Formed in 1969 amidst the gritty backdrop of Birmingham, England, Judas Priest’s early days were marred by tragedy and lineup changes, leading up to the significant moment in 1973 when vocalist Rob Halford joined. This shift not only marked a new beginning for the band but also set the stage for their ascent as heavy metal icons.

Heavy Metal, Heavy Earnings: The Financial Story of Metallica

With an estimated net worth reaching up to $1 billion as of 2023, Metallica’s financial journey mirrors their rise in the music world. From selling over 150 million albums to their philanthropic ventures, the band has not only shaped heavy metal but also mastered the art of financial success.

The Early Days of Sepultura

In 1984, amidst the societal upheaval of post-dictatorship Brazil, the Cavalera brothers formed Sepultura. Their journey from the raw streets of Belo Horizonte to metal legends was fueled by a blend of aggression, political unrest, and a fierce DIY ethos.