Gutalax: The Band That’s Making Shit Happen in the Grindcore World

With their humorous twist on Goregrind, Gutalax invites audiences into a distinct musical experience that intertwines the raw power of grindcore with an outrageous thematic fascination for the fecal.

Gutalax: The Band That's Making Shit Happen in the Grindcore World

From Fastfood to Gutalax

In the quiet town of Křemže, nestled within the scenic landscapes of the Czech Republic, a sonic revolution was brewing. The year was 2009, a landmark year for the grindcore music scene, as it marked the birth of Gutalax. Initially formed under the name Fastfood, this band would soon evolve into an emblematic figure of the goregrind subgenre.

Gutalax, the brainchild of four Czech musicians, hit the ground running in the spring of 2009. These musicians, who previously honed their skills in other music projects, collaborated to breathe life into a new band with a unique focus. By September of that same year, they had recorded seven titles for their release, a split record with the Italian band Cannibe, setting the stage for their future endeavours.

However, it wasn’t until 2011 that Gutalax released their first solo album. The record, aptly titled “Shit Beast”, was distributed by the Czech label Bizarre Leprous. This marked the official departure of Gutalax from Fastfood, and the dawn of a new era for the band.

By the time 2014 rolled around, Gutalax had refined their sound, developing their distinctive blend of Goregrind and Porngrind laced with a touch of humor – a genre they would fondly refer to as “Gore ‘n’ Roll”. This innovative mix was encapsulated in their second album, “Shit Happens”, which was subsequently picked up by the German label Rotten Roll Rex in 2015.

Gutalax’s journey didn’t end there. They continued to expand their discography and explore their unique genre with the release of a split album with Spasm, another Czech Goregrind band, in 2017.

Throughout this transformative journey, Gutalax has upheld their commitment to pushing the boundaries of goregrind, all while incorporating their signature humor and unexpected themes.

The Feces-Themed Goregrind Band with a Pig’s Squeal

Gutalax’s music is not for the faint of heart. They boldly venture into territories often left untouched by other bands, utilizing themes centered around feces. This seemingly bizarre preoccupation is a common trend within the goregrind genre and has become the band’s distinctive signature.

Perhaps what truly sets Gutalax apart is their genre of choice – “Gore ‘n’ Roll”. This unique genre represents a fusion of Goregrind and Porngrind, both of which are sub-genres of death metal and grindcore. With its lyrics usually focused on eschatological issues such as coprophagia, Gutalax’s music takes a leap of faith into the deep end of goregrind themes.

In the pursuit of their distinctive sound, Gutalax makes use of the “pig squeal”, a guttural singing style that mimics the sound of a pig. This style, also employed by bands like Rompeprop, Torsofuck, Tu Carne, and Rectal Smegma, adds a unique layer of depth and character to Gutalax’s music.

Anatomy of Gutalax’s Discography

Any exploration of Gutalax would be incomplete without a dive into their varied discography. The band’s albums mirror their unique musical identity, consistently projecting their fecal themes and Gore ‘n’ Roll style.

Gutalax’s inaugural solo release, “Shit Beast”, emerged in 2011. Issued by the Czech label Bizarre Leprous, the album cemented their reputation for pushing the boundaries of the goregrind genre. Critical reception was mixed, with some reviewers on Encyclopaedia Metallum describing it as a typical modern goregrind/porngrind album with a distinct focus on fecal themes. Notably, they praised the bass sound as “very nice and clunky” when it was audible.

Four years later, “Shit Happens” came into being. The 2015 album, released under the German label Rotten Roll Rex, generated a flurry of reviews. A review on BRUTALISM admired the great guitar sound and audible, perceptible drum rhythm, describing it as an improvement over their first album. However, some reviewers noted that despite the enhanced sound quality, the album introduced no new musical features.

Apart from their solo albums, Gutalax has also collaborated with other bands, releasing split albums. Their first split “Telecockies”, a collaboration with Cannibe, marked their entry into the music scene in 2009. Further split albums like “Shit Evolution” (2013) with Haemorrhage and “The Anal Heros” (2017) with Spasm added diversity to their discography.

Indeed, Gutalax’s discography paints a portrait of a band unafraid to experiment, continuing to navigate the goregrind genre with their characteristic style and themes.

The Gutalax Experience

Gutalax is more than just a band – they represent an experience. Their concerts are renowned for being not just performances but carnivalesque events where the audience participates in a shared spectacle. Known for their energetic stage presence, they create a party-like atmosphere that engages their crowd.

Band members have been seen in various costumes reflecting their themes, utilizing props that range from toilet paper to inflatable poop emojis.

From their outlandish costumes to their unique props, their performances are visually captivating. Band members have been seen in various costumes reflecting their themes, utilizing props that range from toilet paper to inflatable poop emojis.

They’ve shared their Gore ‘n’ Roll globally, playing at several renowned festivals and venues. Their headlining show at Deathfeast Open Air 2021 and their electrifying performance at Infernum Fest 2021 are testaments to their international appeal.

In the grand arc of their musical journey, Gutalax has continuously evoked their unique style and themes, transgressing the limits of conventional genres. Their concerts, albums, and sheer audacity mark them as a band that challenges norms, reshaping the goregrind landscape.

As the story of Gutalax continues to unfold, one thing remains certain: they’ll always offer an adventure – a fecal-themed, grindcore voyage that continues to entertain and intrigue fans worldwide.