Kerry King’s Reptile Passion

When he's not touring with Slayer, Kerry King is busy breeding exotic snakes in Southern California.

Scion x Slayer Driven | Henson Studios, ESP Guitar, Snake Farm Visit | Scion
Key Takeaways
  • Slayer guitarist Kerry King owns a snake breeding business, Psychotic Exotics.
  • Specializes in rare carpet pythons like Super Zebras and Caramel Zebras.
  • Partnered with Toyota’s Scion for a promo featuring his snakes and a custom car.

Kerry King’s Psychotic Exotics

Kerry King, known for shredding on his guitar, has another talent up his sleeve: he’s a pro at breeding snakes. This isn’t some fleeting interest. King has been engrossed in reptile breeding for years. He works with an array of snake species, from carpet pythons and reticulated pythons to Madagascar ground boas. Yep, the man knows his slithery friends.

King has transformed his love for reptiles into a full-blown business.

But wait, there’s more! This hobby is not just for kicks. King has transformed his love for reptiles into a full-blown business. Say hello to Psychotic Exotics, King’s own reptile nursery and house tucked away in Southern California. Specializing in carpet pythons, this spot is anything but ordinary.

And just to drop some names here, Psychotic Exotics was the first in the United States to produce several unique snake variants. We’re talking Super Zebras, Caramel Zebras, Zebra Jags, 87.5% Tiger Jags, and Inlands (Metcalfei). So, if you thought King was only about metal riffs, think again. His contributions to the reptile world are just as groundbreaking.

Tour Life vs. Snake Life

Kerry King might be a globetrotter with Slayer, but back home, his slithery friends are in good hands. Meet Todd Dyer, the guy who keeps Psychotic Exotics ticking when King is rocking stages worldwide. Todd is no mere caretaker; he’s the operational wizard of the facility. Feeding snakes? Check. Cleaning enclosures? Done. Making sure the reptiles are healthy and happy? You bet.

But wait, the story doesn’t end there. Todd isn’t just a snake babysitter; he’s a key player in the business. This guy handles everything from sales to answering customer inquiries. The partnership with Dyer allows King to juggle his love for reptiles and his grueling tour schedule. In short, Psychotic Exotics runs like a well-oiled machine, whether King is home or headbanging on a distant stage.

Kerry King’s Snake Promo with Toyota Cars

Kerry King’s love for snakes went mainstream when he partnered with Scion, a car brand from Toyota. This was no ordinary partnership. A promotional video was released, and it took viewers on a tour of King’s snake haven. The star of the show? His collection of carpet pythons, reticulated pythons, and Madagascar ground boas.

But Scion didn’t stop there. They teamed up with Slayer to build a custom car. The trick? The car was kitted out with large speakers perfect for blasting Slayer tunes. So, what we had was a unique mash-up: Scion’s cars and King’s reptiles. Two worlds collided in a way that left everyone talking. Whether you’re into fast cars or slithering snakes, this collaboration had something for everyone.