Tsjuder: Demonic Possession (2002)

Demonic Possession remains a touchstone within Tsjuder’s discography and a beloved favorite among dedicated black metal fans. Its uncompromising ferocity and dark atmosphere solidified the band’s reputation as purveyors of true Norwegian black metal. While not for the faint of heart, the album offers a cathartic release for those drawn to the genre’s most extreme expressions.

Track Listing

  1. Eriphion Epistates
  2. Demoner av Satans Rike
  3. Ancient Hate
  4. Bloodshedding Horror
  5. Deathwish
  6. A Twisted Mind
  7. I-10
  8. Primeval Fear
  9. Outro

Length: 42:11


Black metal

Release Date

January 13th, 2002

Record Label

Drakkar Productions

The Lineup for the Album

  • Nag: Vocals, Bass
  • Draugluin: Guitar
  • Anti-Christian: Drums

Recording Date

January, 2002

Recording Studio

Vinegar Studio (Sandvika, Norway)

Produced by

Harald Selvik Værnor

Album Themes/Concept

Anti-Christianity: A core element of black metal, Demonic Possession has lyrics rife with blasphemy and opposition to organized religion.

Occultism and Darkness: The album delves into the darker side of spirituality, with references to demons, Satanic figures, and embracing evil.

Violence and Destruction: Songs often revel in bloodshed and chaotic imagery. This is more about atmosphere than specific political stances.

Individual Power: There’s an undercurrent of individualistic defiance against societal norms and celebrating one’s ‘dark side’, fitting for the genre.

Album Mood

Aggressive and Relentless: The album’s core mood is built on a foundation of aggression. The blasting drums, tremolo-picked guitars, and Nag’s harsh vocals create an unrelenting wall of sound.

Dark and Occult: There’s a strong sense of darkness and a fascination with the occult. This isn’t melancholic, but a more sinister and powerful atmosphere.

Triumphant Defiance: Underneath the darkness, there’s a certain triumphant energy in the defiance of societal and religious norms.

Release Date

January 13, 2002