Rompeprop: Hellcock’s Pornflakes (2003)

Imagine a soundtrack for the most unconventional party—this is “Hellcock’s Pornflakes.” Released by Rompeprop in 2003, the album spins a series of uproarious narratives through its heavy, relentless tracks, establishing itself as a peculiar artifact within the goregrind scene.

Track Listing

  1. Intro “The Liberation Of Eindhoven”
  2. Vaginal Luftwaffe
  3. Embryoyo
  4. Vulcanic Eskimo
  5. Coughin’ Coffin
  6. Swimming In Neanderthalers
  7. Concrete Hamburger
  8. Pussyjuice Chup A Chup
  9. Hellcock’s Pornflakes
  10. Anal Sushi (Gut cover)
  11. R.O.M.P.E.P.R.O.P.
  12. Outro “The Sadistic Death Of Ruud Ter Weijden”

Length: 23:32


Pornogrind, goregrind

Release Date

March, 2003

Record Label

Bizarre Leprous Productions

The Lineup for the Album

  • Steven Smegma: vocal
  • Dirty Dr. Dente: guitar
  • Micheil The Menstrual Mummy: bass
  • Jores Du True: drums

Recording Date

June, 2002

Recording Studio

PopEi Studio (Eindhoven, Netherlands)

Produced by

Eric Brinksma

Album Themes/Concept

Humor and Parody: The album extensively uses humor, often of a lowbrow and explicit nature, as a means of parodying both societal norms and the typical content of extreme metal music. The comedic element is integral, creating a juxtaposition between the harshness of the music and the lightheartedness of the lyrics.

Sexual and Grotesque Imagery: As suggested by the album’s title and track names, there is a significant focus on sexual themes but presented in an exaggerated, grotesque manner. This includes absurd scenarios and descriptions that are meant to shock and amuse rather than titillate.

Shock Value: The shock value is a crucial aspect of the album’s appeal. The band employs shocking lyrics and themes intentionally to provoke reactions and entertain a specific subset of the metal audience that enjoys this level of extremity.

Album Mood

Lighthearted and Playful: Despite the extreme genre of goregrind, the album injects a strong sense of humor and playfulness into its music. This is not a typical, serious metal album; it’s designed to entertain and amuse with its over-the-top lyrics and themes that often dive into absurdity.

Energetic and Intense: Musically, the album is fast-paced and intense, featuring traditional elements of grindcore like blast beats and guttural vocals. This creates a lively and aggressive atmosphere that resonates well with fans of the genre looking for high energy and powerful sounds.

Grotesque and Shocking: True to the style of goregrind, the album revels in grotesque and shocking imagery. The lyrics and themes are explicit, often pushing the boundaries of taste and decency in a way that is intended to shock or provoke laughter, depending on the listener’s perspective.

Album Trivia

Album Artwork and Titles: The album features not only musically extreme content but also bizarre and humorous song titles and artwork that vividly illustrate the band’s unique blend of humor and gore. Titles like “Pussyjuice Chup a Chup” and “Vulcanic Eskimo” reflect this.

Cult Following: Despite or because of its niche genre, “Hellcock’s Pornflakes” has garnered a cult following among goregrind enthusiasts, celebrated for its audacity and the humorous approach to what is typically a more serious genre.

Listen or Pass

This album might be for you if you…

  • Thrive in the Extreme: You lace up your boots tight for a sonic pummeling. Your playlist craves the most ferocious beats and growls that make the neighbors worry.
  • Chuckled at a Chainsaw Massacre: You find humor where others see horror. Dark comedy, absurdism, and a healthy dose of shock value are spices that flavor your comedy stew.
  • Are a Connoisseur of Chaos: The theatrics of a live show—complete with fake blood and outrageous costumes—sound like a perfect Saturday night out.
  • Don’t Flinch at the Fringe: Explicit doesn’t even begin to cover it. You’re unflappable, unshockable, and find glee in the grotesque.
  • Seek the Odd and Offbeat: Mainstream music feels too vanilla. You’re the adventurous type, always on the hunt for sounds that break molds and taboos.

You might want to pass this one if you…

  • Prefer a Poetic Serenade: If your ears are tuned to the strings of acoustic serenades or the soft croons of introspective lyrics, this grindcore gala might not harmonize with your playlist.
  • Value Verbal Virtue: Your sensibilities might get a shock with lyrics that dive deep into the depths of debauchery and delight in the downright dirty.
  • Crave Crystal Clarity: If you’re all about the high-fidelity, crisp, clean sound of studio perfection, this raw, raucous riot might feel like a sonic sandstorm.
  • Are a Pacifist with Preferences: You prefer music that’s easy on the ears and light on the soul, steering clear of the sonic equivalent of a horror film.
  • Like Your Beats without Blasphemy: If the mere mention of gore and taboo topics has you heading for the hills, this album will feel more like a haunted house than a house party.

Release Date

March 1, 2003