Prophets of Rage: Prophets of Rage (2017)

The legacy of Rage Against the Machine echoes powerfully in the instrumentation of Prophets of Rage’s self-titled album. With guitarist Tom Morello, bassist Tim Commerford, and drummer Brad Wilk driving the sound, fans will recognize that signature blend of heavy rock and politically charged lyrics. However, the addition of rap legends Chuck D and B-Real adds new dimensions. Prophets of Rage carves its own sonic identity, further exploring themes of resistance and power.

Track Listing

  1. Radical Eyes
  2. Unfuck The World
  3. Legalize Me
  4. Living on the 110
  5. The Counteroffensive
  6. Hail to the Chief
  7. Take Me Higher
  8. Strength in Numbers
  9. Fired a Shot
  10. Who Owns Who
  11. Hands Up
  12. Smashit

Length: 42:12


Rap metal

Release Date

September 15, 2017

Record Label

Fantasy Records (subsidiary of Concord Music Group)

The Lineup for the Album

  • Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine): Guitar
  • Tim Commerford (Rage Against the Machine): Bass
  • Brad Wilk (Rage Against the Machine): Drums
  • Chuck D (Public Enemy): Vocals
  • B-Real (Cypress Hill): Vocals
  • DJ Lord (Public Enemy): Turntables

Recording Date

2016 – 2017

Recording Studio

Henson Recording Studios, formerly A&M Studios (Los Angeles, California)

Produced by

Brendan O’Brien

Album Themes/Concept

Political Dissent and Activism: The album is infused with a strong sense of political dissent and activism, echoing the ethos of the band members’ previous work with Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy, and Cypress Hill. It tackles issues such as government corruption, social inequality, police brutality, and the need.

Resistance and Revolution: “Prophets of Rage” serves as a call to arms for resistance against oppressive systems and structures. The lyrics often advocate for revolution and rebellion as means to challenge authority and enact positive societal transformation.

Social Justice and Equality: The album champions social justice and equality, advocating for the rights of marginalized communities and highlighting systemic injustices. Songs like “Unfuck The World” and “Hands Up” confront issues such as racial discrimination, economic disparity, and the criminal justice system’s inequities.

Empowerment and Solidarity: It promotes empowerment and solidarity among listeners, urging individuals to stand up for their beliefs and unite in the fight for a better world. Tracks like “Strength in Numbers” emphasize the importance of collective action and solidarity in effecting meaningful change.

Critical Reflection and Awareness: The album encourages critical reflection and awareness of social and political issues, prompting listeners to question the status quo and challenge dominant narratives. Through its lyrics and music, “Prophets of Rage” seeks to awaken consciousness and inspire active engagement with the world around us.

Album Mood

Intensity and Aggression: The music is characterized by high-energy instrumentation, featuring heavy guitar riffs, driving bass lines, and dynamic drumming. The aggressive vocal delivery, with powerful rap verses and impassioned singing, adds to the album’s intense atmosphere. This intensity serves to grab the listener’s attention and convey a sense of urgency in addressing the pressing issues tackled in the lyrics.

Defiance and Rebellion: There’s an underlying tone of defiance and rebellion throughout the album, reflecting the band’s confrontational approach to social and political commentary. The music exudes a rebellious spirit, challenging authority and advocating for resistance against oppressive systems. This mood of defiance encourages listeners to question the status quo and join the fight for change.

Frustration and Anguish: Alongside its themes of empowerment and resistance, the album also channels feelings of frustration and anguish at the state of the world. Lyrics addressing issues such as inequality, violence, and corruption evoke a sense of frustration with societal injustices. This mood of anguish serves to connect with listeners who share similar feelings of discontent and disillusionment.

Hope and Resilience: Despite the album’s intense mood and critical outlook, there’s an underlying sense of hope and resilience. Through its music and lyrics, “Prophets of Rage” conveys a belief in the possibility of positive change and a better future. This mood of hope encourages listeners to remain resilient in the face of adversity and to continue fighting for justice and equality.

Album Trivia

Formation of Prophets of Rage: The band Prophets of Rage was formed in 2016, bringing together members of Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy, and Cypress Hill. The collaboration aimed to address contemporary socio-political issues through music.

Inspiration from a Classic: The band’s very name, Prophets of Rage, is taken directly from the title of a legendary Public Enemy track from their 1988 album, It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back.

Mission Statement: Tom Morello described the supergroup’s reason for forming as “an elite task force of revolutionary musicians determined to confront this mountain of election year bullshit, and confront it head-on with Marshall stacks blazing.”

Album Inspiration: The album draws inspiration from the musical styles and political activism of its member bands, blending elements of rock, hip-hop, and punk with socially conscious lyrics.

A Producer with Rock Pedigree: Brendan O’Brien, a producer known for his work with major rock acts like Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, produced Prophets of Rage’s album.

Cover Art with a Message: The iconic street artist Shepard Fairey (creator of the Obama “Hope” poster) designed the album cover of Prophets of Rage.

Listen or Pass

This album might be for you if you…

  • Enjoy politically charged music: If you appreciate music with a strong socio-political message and themes of activism and resistance, this album is likely to resonate with you.
  • Are a fan of Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy, or Cypress Hill: If you enjoy the music of any of these bands or their respective members, you’ll likely appreciate the fusion of their styles in Prophets of Rage.
  • Like high-energy, genre-blending music: If you’re drawn to music that combines elements of rock, hip-hop, and punk, with intense instrumentation and passionate vocals, you’ll find a lot to enjoy in this album.
  • Are looking for music to fuel your activism: If you’re involved in social or political activism and are seeking music that inspires and motivates, the empowering and defiant lyrics of this album may provide the perfect soundtrack.
  • Enjoy live music experiences: If you enjoy the energy and excitement of live performances, you’ll appreciate the album’s ability to capture the raw intensity of Prophets of Rage’s live shows.

You might want to pass this one if you…

  • Prefer music without explicit political themes: If you prefer to keep your music and politics separate, you may find the overtly political nature of this album off-putting.
  • Dislike rap metal or crossover genres: If you’re not a fan of rap metal or the blending of different musical genres, you may not enjoy the eclectic sound of this album.
  • Are sensitive to explicit language and themes: If you’re sensitive to explicit language or themes related to violence, oppression, or social injustice, you may find some of the lyrics in this album discomforting.
  • Prefer more subdued or melodic music: If you prefer music that’s more mellow or melodic, rather than intense and aggressive, you may not connect with the high-energy sound of this album.
  • Are looking for purely escapist or light-hearted music: If you’re seeking music for pure entertainment or escapism, without heavy thematic content, you may find the serious and confrontational tone of this album too intense for your tastes.

Release Date

September 15, 2017