Nasum: Human 2.0 (2000)

Released on April 18, 2000, “Human 2.0” is the second full-length album by Swedish grindcore band Nasum. Produced by Mieszko Talarczyk and recorded at Soundlab Studios in Örebro, Sweden, the album showcases the band’s signature blend of intense speed, aggressive guitar riffs, and socio-political lyrics. With 25 tracks and a runtime of 38 minutes, “Human 2.0” addresses themes of political corruption, social injustice, and environmental degradation.

Track Listing

  1. Mass Hypnosis
  2. A Welcome Breeze of Stinking Air
  3. Fatal Search
  4. Shadows
  5. Corrosion
  6. Multinational Murderers Network
  7. Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow
  8. The Black Swarm
  9. Sixteen
  10. Alarm
  11. Detonator
  12. Gargoyles and Grotesques
  13. När Dagarna…
  14. Resistance
  15. The Idiot Parade
  16. Den Svarta Fanan
  17. We’re Nothing But Pawns
  18. Defragmentation
  19. Sick System
  20. The Professional League
  21. Old and Tired?
  22. Words to Die For
  23. Riot
  24. The Meaningless Trial
  25. Sometimes Dead Is Better

Length: 38:14



Release Date

April 18th, 2000

Record Label

Relapse Records

The Lineup for the Album

  • Mieszko Talarczyk: guitar, bass and lead vocals
  • Anders Jakobson: drums and low vocals
  • Jesper Liveröd: bass

Recording Date

October 2nd, 1999 – December 6th, 1999

Recording Studio

Soundlab Studios (Örebro, Sweden)

Produced by

Mieszko Talarczyk and Mathias Färm

Album Themes/Concept

Socio-Political Critique: The lyrics frequently address issues such as political corruption, social injustice, and the abuse of power. The band critiques the socio-political systems that perpetuate inequality and suffering.

Human Condition: There is a significant focus on the darker aspects of the human condition, including themes of despair, existential angst, and the struggle for personal freedom. The lyrics often reflect a sense of urgency and frustration with the state of the world.

Environmental Concerns: The album also touches on themes related to environmental degradation and the reckless exploitation of natural resources, criticizing humanity’s impact on the planet.

Anti-War Sentiment: Nasum’s lyrics express strong anti-war sentiments, condemning the senseless violence and destruction caused by armed conflicts.

Resistance and Rebellion: Many tracks promote the idea of resistance and rebellion against oppressive forces, encouraging listeners to fight against injustice and stand up for their beliefs.

Album Mood

Aggressive and Intense: The primary mood of “Human 2.0” is aggressively intense. The album is characterized by its relentless speed, heavy guitar riffs, and powerful vocals, all of which contribute to a feeling of unyielding intensity. This mood is consistent with the grindcore genre, known for its fast-paced and brutal musical style.

Dark and Confrontational: Lyrically, the album delves into dark themes such as socio-political corruption, environmental degradation, and the bleak aspects of the human condition. The confrontational tone is reflected in both the lyrics and the music, creating an overall mood of defiance and rebellion.

Urgent and Frantic: The pace of the album is frantic, with short, rapid-fire tracks that convey a sense of urgency. This is designed to keep the listener on edge and fully engaged, reflecting the urgency of the messages being delivered through the lyrics.

Cathartic and Empowering: Despite the dark themes, there is a cathartic and empowering element to the album. The aggressive delivery and rebellious lyrics can provide a sense of release and empowerment, encouraging listeners to confront their own challenges and injustices.

Album Trivia

Influence of the Y2K Bug: The album title “Human 2.0” was influenced by the widespread panic over the Y2K bug, reflecting a theme of technological anxiety and societal upheaval​.

Cultural References: The album features quotes from popular movies. For instance, “Resistance” includes a quote from “The Matrix”: “I hate this place. This zoo. This prison. This reality, whatever you want to call it, I can’t stand it any longer.” Similarly, “Sometimes Dead is Better” includes a line from “The Matrix,” and “Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow” begins with a quote from “The Shawshank Redemption”​.

Japanese Release: Unlike its predecessor “Inhale/Exhale,” “Human 2.0” was released in Japan. The Japanese edition, titled “Human 2.01,” included additional bonus tracks.

Album Artwork: The band intentionally chose a white cover for “Human 2.0” to make it stand out from the many dark-themed album covers prevalent in the metal scene at the time.

Recognition: In 2020, “Human 2.0” was named one of the 20 best metal albums of 2000 by Metal Hammer magazine​.

Listen or Pass

This album might be for you if you…

  • Enjoy Grindcore Music: If you are a fan of grindcore, with its characteristic rapid tempos, short songs, and aggressive style, “Human 2.0” is a quintessential album in this genre. Nasum’s intense and relentless approach will resonate with grindcore enthusiasts.
  • Appreciate Socio-Political Lyrics: The album tackles various socio-political issues, including political corruption, environmental concerns, and social injustice. If you appreciate music with a message and lyrics that make you think, this album will appeal to you​.
  • Enjoy Fast-Paced, Energetic Music: With its frantic pace and relentless energy, the album delivers a high-octane listening experience. If you like music that keeps you on the edge of your seat and pumps you up, this album is a great choice.
  • Like Albums with Movie Quotes: The album includes quotes from popular movies like “The Matrix” and “The Shawshank Redemption.” Fans who enjoy finding these Easter eggs in music will appreciate the references woven into Nasum’s songs​.

You might want to pass this one if you…

  • Prefer Milder Genres: If you generally enjoy softer, more melodic music and find extreme metal genres too abrasive or intense, “Human 2.0” might be overwhelming due to its aggressive and fast-paced nature​.
  • Dislike Political and Social Commentary in Lyrics: If you prefer music with less focus on socio-political themes and more on personal or abstract topics, the heavy thematic content of “Human 2.0” might not be to your taste.
  • Are Sensitive to Harsh Vocals and Sound: The album features harsh vocals, blast beats, and abrasive guitar work typical of grindcore. Listeners who are sensitive to these elements might find the album difficult to enjoy.
  • Look for Long, Expansive Tracks: With 25 short tracks, the album does not provide the long, expansive compositions found in other metal subgenres like progressive metal. Fans looking for extended instrumental sections or longer song structures might be disappointed.

Release Date

April 18, 2000