Gutalax: The Shitpendables (2021)

Gutalax’s 2021 album “The Shitpendables” exemplifies the outrageous and gleefully repulsive heart of goregrind. With song titles too offensive to print and a relentless barrage of sonic brutality, the album delivers a short, sharp jolt of extreme metal. The Czech band revels in over-the-top humor, focusing on scatological themes, gore, and deliberately absurd scenarios. “The Shitpendables” is strictly for fans who enjoy the stomach-churning combination of humor and grotesque imagery that defines this niche genre.

Track Listing

  1. Diarrhero
  2. Nosím Místo Ponožky Kousek Svojí Předkožky
  3. Poopcorn
  4. Buttman
  5. Duch Sratý (feat. Sodoma Gomora)
  6. Sweet and Sour the Coprophillic Soul
  7. Vaginapocalypse
  8. Ass My Kiss (feat. Roman Vician)
  9. Rosamunde Pitchshifter
  10. Spermustache
  11. Shit Hit
  12. Backdoor Boys (feat. Julien Truchan)
  13. Heavyweight Fart
  14. Shitbusters
  15. Dislocated Purple Stoma (Rompeprop cover)

Length: 33:33


Grindcore, goregrind, pornogrind

Release Date

November 6th, 2021

Record Label

Rotten Roll Rex (RRR)

The Lineup for the Album

  • Martin “Maty” Matoušek: Vocals
  • Tomáš “Kojas” Anderle: Guitars
  • Pavel “Kebab” Troup: Bass
  • Petr “Free” Svoboda: Drums

Recording Date


Recording Studio

Davos Records (Vyškov, Czech Republic)

Produced by


Album Themes/Concept

Scatology & Bodily Functions: Expect a relentless focus on the most disgusting aspects of bodily fluids and functions. Gutalax aims for shock value and crude humor through these themes.

Violence & Gore: Songs often portray absurdly violent scenarios, always with a focus on being over-the-top and cartoonish rather than genuinely disturbing.

Pop Culture References: The album title and some song titles parody popular action movies and characters. This adds another layer of absurdity to their usual subject matter.

Album Mood

Intensity: Think of the musical equivalent of a whirlwind smashing through a butcher shop and a public toilet. The drumming is likely relentless blast beats, the guitars a distorted buzzsaw, and the vocals guttural growls and shrieks.

Humor: It’s crass, juvenile, and purposefully centered around things most people find repulsive. Imagine the bathroom humor of a 13-year-old boy taken to its most outrageous extreme.

Aggression: This album is a sonic assault. It’s fast, loud, and doesn’t give you a moment to breathe. Even if some moments slow down, it’s likely to build up to something even more explosive and disgusting.

Listen or Pass

This album might be for you if you…

  • Enjoy extreme metal: If you’re a fan of death metal, grindcore, or particularly goregrind, you might find the intensity and technical skill appealing, even with the deliberately ridiculous lyrics.
  • Have a taste for the absurd and grotesque: The more you enjoy over-the-top gore, toilet humor, and finding hilarity in the disgusting, the more likely you’ll get something out of this album.
  • Want a short burst of sonic chaos: “The Shitpendables” likely offers a quick blast of adrenaline with its relentless style rather than a long, complex musical journey.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously: This album won’t offer any deep insights. The ability to laugh at the crass and the crude is essential to enjoying it.

You might want to pass this one if you…

  • Find bodily functions repulsive: This album fixates on scatology, gore, and the most disgusting aspects imaginable. If these subjects upset you, avoid it at all costs.
  • Dislike harsh vocals: Gutalax uses guttural growls and screams. If this isn’t your style of music vocally, you won’t find anything to enjoy.
  • Want meaningful or nuanced music: Goregrind isn’t about depth; it’s about shock value, crude humor and musical extremity.
  • Seek a long, complex listening experience: Albums like this are likely short and to the point, focusing on the visceral impact more than a musical journey.

Release Date

November 6, 2021