Gutalax: Shit Happens! (2015)

Make no mistake: Gutalax’s “Shit Happens!” isn’t intended for a mainstream audience. The album revels in taboo subject matter and offensive humor, prioritizing aural chaos over traditional musicality. While the Czech band has a dedicated cult following within the extreme metal scene, the album offers little to listeners seeking technical proficiency, relatable lyrics, or a refined musical experience.

Track Listing

  1. Dick Dip
  2. Licking the Brown Line of Fat Old Granny Bitch
  3. Toi Toi Story
  4. Fart Fart Away
  5. Cock Corn
  6. Nature Mature
  7. Smoked Ass with Diarrheal Sauce
  8. Shit Demon
  9. Dildo Pytlik of the Brown Ring Dildo Baggins
  10. Fucking from Behind of Macaw Kakadu
  11. Hot Dick
  12. Rectal Orakle
  13. Brothers in Ass
  14. They Took from My Asshole One Meter Long Streptoccoci
  15. Hairytails
  16. Shit ‘Em All

Length: 29:50


Grindcore, goregrind, porngrind

Release Date

July 13, 2015

Record Label

Rotten Roll Rex (RRR)

The Lineup for the Album

  • Maty: Vocals
  • Kohy: Guitars
  • Kojas: Guitars
  • Kebab: Bass
  • Mr. Free: Drums

Recording Date


Recording Studio

Davos Records (Vyškov, Czech Republic)

Produced by


Album Themes/Concept

Scatological humor: The album title itself suggests a focus on fecal matter and bodily functions, which are recurring themes in the lyrics and imagery of the songs.

Gross-out humor: Gutalax employs shock value and explicit lyrics to provoke reactions from listeners, often using grotesque and extreme imagery for comedic effect.

Parody and satire: The band often parodies various aspects of society and popular culture, using exaggerated and over-the-top scenarios to highlight absurdities or poke fun at conventions.

Album Mood

The Sound: Think of a speeding chainsaw ripping through a pile of rotten meat and discarded diapers. The vocals are guttural growls and shrieks, barely intelligible. The drumming is relentless, like a hyperactive child smashing out rhythms on pots and pans.

The Humor: Imagine the crude, bathroom humor of a 12-year-old boy who’s discovered the most outrageous swear words and bodily functions exist. It’s designed to be repulsive and make you laugh out of sheer disbelief.

The Energy: It’s non-stop aggression and aural assault. If there are moments that slow down, it’s to build up to something even more explosive and disgusting. This album isn’t meant for contemplation, it’s meant to be cranked up loud and headbanged to.

Listen or Pass

This album might be for you if you…

  • Enjoy extreme metal: You’re already a fan of death metal, grindcore, or goregrind. You appreciate the intensity, even when the lyrical content is deliberately ridiculous.
  • Like a good gross-out laugh: You don’t take yourself too seriously and find humor in the absurd and disgusting. Think of the over-the-top gore in horror movies that make you chuckle.
  • Want a short, intense burst of energy: “Shit Happens!” is likely a brief album. It’s perfect if you want a quick shot of adrenaline and audio chaos.
  • Are curious about the extreme end of music: Maybe you’re new to goregrind. This album could be a litmus test to see if the style’s combination of humor and grotesque themes works for you

You might want to pass this one if you…

  • Are sensitive to extreme imagery: Violence, bodily fluids, and scatological topics are central here. If these generally disgust you, avoid this album.
  • Dislike harsh vocals: Gutalax utilizes harsh, guttural growls and screams. If this isn’t your cup of tea musically, you won’t enjoy it.
  • Like meaningful or relatable lyrics: Goregrind doesn’t aim for depth; it aims for shock value and a crude kind of humor. Don’t expect anything insightful.
  • Want a long, complex album experience: Albums like this are likely short and to the point, a blitz of noise and absurdity rather than a nuanced musical journey.

Release Date

July 13, 2015