Deicide: In Torment in Hell (2001)

“In Torment in Hell” is the sixth studio album by American death metal band Deicide, released in 2001 by Roadrunner Records. Notable for its rapid recording process and unpolished sound, the album features the band’s classic lineup of Glen Benton, Brian and Eric Hoffman, and Steve Asheim. Lyrically, the album continues Deicide’s tradition of anti-Christian themes and blasphemous imagery. While not as critically acclaimed as some of their earlier work, “In Torment in Hell” remains a significant entry in the band’s discography.

Deicide: In Torment in Hell (2001) album cover

Track Listing

  1. In Torment in Hell
  2. Christ Don’t Care
  3. Vengeance Will Be Mine
  4. Imminent Doom
  5. Child of God
  6. Let It Be Done
  7. Worry in the House of Thieves
  8. Lurking Among Us

Album length: 31:00

Music genre

Death metal

The Lineup for the Album

  • Glen Benton: vocals, bass
  • Brian Hoffman: guitars
  • Eric Hoffman: guitars
  • Steve Asheim: drums

Release Date

September 25, 2001

Record Label

Roadrunner Records

Recording Date

April 9 to April 13, 2001

Recording Studio

Morrisound Recording (Tampa, Florida)

Produced by


Album Themes/Concept

Blasphemy and sacrilege: The lyrics revel in mocking and denouncing Christian figures and beliefs. You’ll hear a lot of attacks on Jesus, God, and the church, often in graphic and provocative language.

Satanism and the occult: While not explicitly worshipping Satan, the lyrics often invoke dark, demonic imagery and celebrate rebellion against religious authority.

Graphic depictions of death and suffering: The lyrics don’t shy away from detailed descriptions of violence, torture, and bloodshed. Think of it as the lyrical equivalent of a horror movie soundtrack.

Revenge and hatred: There’s a strong undercurrent of anger and vengeance in many of the songs, directed towards both religious institutions and those who follow them.

Rejection of hope and salvation: The lyrics paint a bleak picture of the world, devoid of meaning or redemption. This isn’t an album for those seeking comfort or solace.

Embrace of darkness and chaos: The lyrics often celebrate the darker side of human nature and reject the idea of a benevolent higher power.

Album Mood

Fast and furious: The album blasts forward with relentless energy, featuring rapid-fire drumming, blistering guitar riffs, and pummeling bass lines. It’s a full-on sonic assault that doesn’t let up.

Dark and menacing: The guitars buzz with a menacing tone, creating a sense of impending doom. The overall sound is dark and oppressive, perfectly complementing the lyrical themes.

Raw and unpolished: This album isn’t about technical perfection or intricate arrangements. It’s about raw power and pure aggression, captured in a rough, unfiltered way.

Angry and defiant: Glen Benton’s vocals are a guttural roar of anger and defiance. He spits out the lyrics with venom, leaving no doubt about his disdain for religion and all it represents.

Blasphemous and shocking: The lyrics are designed to provoke and offend, with their explicit attacks on religious figures and beliefs. This is not an album for the faint of heart.

Nihilistic and bleak: There’s a sense of despair and hopelessness that permeates the lyrics. It’s a dark vision of the world, where there is no salvation or redemption.

Album Trivia

Intentional Mediocrity: There are claims that Deicide intentionally made a subpar album to get out of their contract with Roadrunner Records. The band has denied these claims, stating that they were simply unhappy with the label’s direction and lack of support. However, the rushed recording process and the album’s relative simplicity compared to their earlier work have fueled these rumors.

Polarizing Reception: “In Torment in Hell” is considered one of Deicide’s most divisive albums. Some fans appreciate its raw, unpolished sound and straightforward songwriting, while others criticize it for being uninspired and lacking the complexity of their earlier work.

Listen or Pass

This album might be for you if you…

  • Crave raw, unpolished death metal: If you enjoy the unfiltered aggression of early death metal, where the focus is on sheer brutality rather than technical proficiency, this album delivers in spades.
  • Love blasphemous and anti-religious lyrics: This album pulls no punches when it comes to attacking organized religion. If you enjoy lyrics that are intentionally offensive and provocative, you’ll find plenty to appreciate here.
  • Are a Deicide fan: Even if it’s not their most critically acclaimed album, “In Torment in Hell” still bears the hallmarks of Deicide’s signature sound. If you’re a fan of the band, it’s worth checking out to hear their take on early 2000s death metal.

You might want to pass this one if you…

  • Prefer technically complex death metal: If you’re looking for intricate song structures, complex time signatures, or virtuosic musicianship, you won’t find much of that here. This album is more about raw power than technical finesse.
  • Are easily offended by anti-religious themes: The lyrics are intentionally offensive and blasphemous. If you have strong religious beliefs or are sensitive to anti-religious sentiments, this album will likely not be to your taste.
  • Dislike unpolished production: The production on this album is intentionally raw and unrefined. If you prefer a clean, polished sound, this album’s lo-fi aesthetic might not appeal to you.